Friday, January 22, 2010

TBP--Is openly gay Dave Schroeder heading for a sure Illinois Assembly win?

Please check out my newest Bilerico post about openly gay progressive Democrat, David Schroeder: Is openly gay Dave Schroeder heading for a sure Illinois Assembly win?:
"David Schroeder has been dealing with a lot of good news lately. Of all of the LGBT Democratic candidates going up against the machine in Illinois, Schroeder is faring best--with a Chicago Tribune endorsement on the morning of the 21st, and several other high profile endorsements. His poll numbers are also soaring, and unlike many of the other LGBT candidates I interviewed, Schroeder is seeing a lot of support from the Illinois Democratic establishment. With good reason, too. Schroeder is a solid progressive that is looking to clean up in a economically diverse district that's just become too accustomed to being ignored by its current State Assembly Representative, Ken Dunkin.

Every day it looks more and more as if Dave Schroeder will be joining openly gay Representatives Deb Mell and Greg Harris in the Illinois Assembly. This is good news for gays everywhere, as its looking more than ever as if Illinois is ready to tackle relationship recognition in the law, which would make it one of less than a dozen states that do recognize same-sex couples legally.

More than just relationship recognition, though, Schroeder is a real progressive who is ready to tackle the incredibly daunting issues that will plague the Illinois legislature this year--and he'll do so with a clear head and a goal of reform..."

If you want to learn more about why the normally conservative Chicago Tribune endorsed openly-gay solid-progressive Schroeder over the incumbent, finish the piece at Is openly gay Dave Schroeder heading for a sure Illinois Assembly win? at The Bilerico Project.

Do you think that we could be adding yet another LGBT candidate to our numbers in the Illinois legislature? Dave told me he is getting endorsed by every Democratic organization in his district, while his opponent has only gotten one Alderman endorsement. With the Tribune endorsement--and maybe even a Sun-Times endorsement on the horizon as well--Schroeder is definitely storming towards something good this Primary day!

If you haven't voted already, early voting has already started in Illinois. Make sure you get your vote in for Dave Schroeder before February 2, if you live in the 5th District. Statewide, Illinoians, I hope you've ALREADY cast your vote for Jacob Meister in the Senate Primaries! Hmm?

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