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LC--Was Jesus black and other mysteries solved..

My Lundon Calling blog for this week, "Was Jesus black and other mysteries solved (or not solved)…", started out with:
"This week’s Lundon Calling was a DOOZY! Maybe its because Lance and I were so BOOZY! Ha! Only kidding, Lance only had a jug of wine, and I merely had a case of beer before the show. That is all.

Do you know the ‘Colon Lady?’ Ace explains his connection to her and the ‘Tooth Fairy.’ Hopefully not in the same sentence because that would not be sanitary."

SURPRISE! Here's my full, titilating blog! Make sure you listen to the podcast, though, by clicking one of the links!

This week’s Lundon Calling was a DOOZY! Maybe its because Lance and I were so BOOZY! Ha! Only kidding, Lance only had a jug of wine, and I merely had a case of beer before the show. That is all.

Do you know the ‘Colon Lady?’ Ace explains his connection to her and the ‘Tooth Fairy.’ Hopefully not in the same sentence because that would not be sanitary.

Have you paid your taxes to James Cameron… I mean seen Avatar yet? If you haven’t yet seen Avatar, check out what Ace and Phil have to say about it.

This week we talked about the mess our kids will inherit–from health care to a huge national debt to climate change. What are we doing today to help make this a better world, not worse, than when we came?

Lance thinks he’d be happy hanging out with children all day. As a former middle school teacher, i gotta say… think about that a little more, Lance. It may seem fun at first, but after a few hours, you’ll be wishing you were on Ace’s desert island with the endangered species. You know, the journalists.

What if you were surrounded by tweeters? Yikes! Speaking of which, what’s happening to print? Lance believes print is becoming the medium of the elite. What do you think. I definitely have to agree with the Twitter echo chamber comment. Are you on twitter? Do you follow people who think just like you, or do you diversify?

We talked a little about the terrible humanitarian disaster in Haiti. Lance introduced us to Wyclef Jean’s Haiti charity Yele. Though its come under some fire lately–check out this Washington Post piece–its getting a lot of attention for the good its doing. I talked about how I gave $10 through text messaging to the Red Cross. All I did was text “HAITI” to 90999, and the Red Cross adds $10 to my phone bill which goes directly to Haitian relief.

We talked about poetry. Ace read us a poem of his that ended up on some hippie posters in the Free Love era. I always knew Ace was a big hippie. I tried to give it some musical accompaniment in the background, but I was shot down. Next time Ace reads a poem, I’m banging bongos to spite him!

Glamour is in the eye of the beholder. Do you believe that?

Prop 8 trial on Youtube? Nope. The United States Supreme Court said that we will not be able to see Prop 8 trial footage on YouTube anytime soon. However, we don’t need it. Tweeters in the trial have been giving us a really reliable play-by-play. We’re getting a virtual transcript as it happens. The Courage Campaign’s has been an invaluable resource for me!

Of course by now you’ve heard the the incredibly ineffective government in Uganda is trying to scapegoat gays and want to pass a law that allows them to put us to death, or at least imprison us for life. The outrageous situation can all be traced back to one very evil man named Scott Lively, who–knowing about harsh anti-gay attitudes in Uganda–thought that a conference there about how evil and dangerous gays are would be perfect. Of course, he’s shocked about the whole putting gays to death thing. Really? Shocked. When someone has a gun pointed at someone’s head, you don’t give them bullets, Scott.

Scott Lively wrote a book called The Pink Swastika, blaming gays for the holocaust. So, I’m sure that this guy is real sincere when he says he didn’t mean for this to happen!

Was Jesus black? Learn why he probably was.

Health care? Schmelthcare!

Blago? Yeah, so he’s blacker than the President, apparently.

Are our cell phones making our memory obsolete? I know mine is!

Was President Monroe gay? Maybe it was Madison. I know it was an “M.” Maybe Professor POTUS would know!

All this and more in this week’s Lundon Calling!

Make sure you tune in this Wednesday the 20th for Penn State Senior Steve Lucas to talk about his summer interning for the Victory Fund and on the 27th with Dr. Peter Goldblum Director of the LGBTQ Program at the Pacific Graduate School of psychology! I really can’t wait for these awesome guests–can you?


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