Monday, January 11, 2010

All you want to know about the Prop 8 Trial (But were afraid to demand)

Today is the day that Perry V Shwarzenegger begins. AKA the Federal Prop 8 Trial.

The trial is not being broadcast on live TV. Instead, it will be uploaded to Youtube in bits and pieces after a delay. Here is the Youtube account--you really ought to subscribe:

The schedule for the day is available at

Conservatives are already claiming the trial is unfair. Obviously they're already expecting to lose. Find out more at

Check out the New York Times piece at and the New Yorker piece at

Too soon to petition the Supreme Court?

Ted Olson in Newsweek: The Conservative Case for Gay Marriage.

What's this trial about?

LawDork coverage:

Julian Bond and Dan Choi named to the advisory board of the organization bringing the trial: AFER's webpagae is: They're covering their trial, too!

Live Coverage (text)

Remote Viewing locations:

A fantastic 101:

Not on Twitter yet? Today would be a great day to start. You don't even have to sign up to see someone's feed, however. All you have to do is put their Twitter username after Of course, you should drop the "@" too. For those of you with Twitter (or those of you just going to go to Twitter pages today) these people will be providing live coverage/reaction to the Trial starting at 8:30 PT / 10:30 CT:


Its time to DEMAND your RIGHTS!

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