Thursday, June 3, 2010

You can send Phil to Netroots Nation!

Hey everyone--in case you didn't hear, I got a full scholarship to attend Netroots Nation in Las Vegas this July 22-25. I'm PSYCHED to go, but there are a few things the scholarship does not cover:

Flight: $350
Travel between hotel and airport: $40
Extra night in the hotel: $65
Food and incidentals: ~$100

I saved about $200 on my flight by staying an extra night, but that means I incur an additional $65. I have some of my meals covered, and a friend has made a very generous donation to my cause, but I will still need some back-up money--and you KNOW I need a lot more coffee than the average man!

I am looking to raise around $550 through my paypal account to send me to Netroots Nation!

I'm going even if I don't raise this money, and many of these bills are already paid for, but I'm asking you, my friends to help off-set the cost. Even if I don't raise the full amount, if I raise part of it, you will help me immensely!

Why should I help you, Phil? You get to go for free!

I am very fortunate that I am able to attend this amazing conference, but the truth is I am unemployed for the summer. Every purchase I have to make this summer has had to be placed on my credit card--a credit card I just recently almost had all paid off. I plan on being frugal in Vegas (and in DC if I get to go to Bootcamp) but I want to incur as few fees as possible on this trip. Your donation will help me pay this trip off faster.

I need your help in making sure that going to Netroots Nation DOESN'T break the bank. Please consider donating to my fund! I will keep you updated as I raise the dough.

Thank you in advance for your generosity!

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