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FOF--A dynamic duo & an odd couple

AFER who brought Prop 8 to Federal Court in an attempt to tear it down, made a huge new board announcement this week, which was a 180 from another bit of celebrity news this week.

A dynamic duo and an odd couple « Feast of Fun:
"By now, you’ve probably heard all of the hub-ub about Elton John and Rush Limbaugh. No, they didn’t same-sex-smooch, like these gentlemen:

(By the way, if any of you know the gentleman directly behind them, tell him to give me a call)

Anyway, Sir Elton got $1 million to play Rush Limbaugh’s 4th wedding, even though Rush Limbaugh is against Elton from getting even one. I am pretty sure that this constitutes throwing our community under the bus.

However, another very unlikely pair teamed up this week..."

Did you hear about the big AFER announcement this week? If not, check out my Feast of Fun Post


John said…
LOL, I couldn't agree more. Someone needs to interview the people sitting directly behind or in front of Dreamboat Bateman. I mean.... Jason Beefcake.

I don't know what I mean anymore.
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Happy Hour Roundup will be coming late today. Fortunately, there is lots of news to report on! Unfortunately, there will be no time for me to collect it and send it. Expect it between 5pm and 6pm!