Thursday, June 17, 2010

FOF--Prop 8 Trial closes–now the waiting begins

Prop 8 Trial closes–now the waiting begins « Feast of Fun:
"Yesterday the trial known as Perry V. Schwarzenegger closed in the San Francisco Federal Court after closing arguments were heard by Judge Vaughn Walker. The trial, which began in January, was something of a circus in the queer community who were watching it. When the American Foundation For Equal Rights–the ad hoc foundation formed in the wake of Prop 8 to challenge the discriminatory law in court–hired George W. Bush’s former Solicitor General, Theodore Olson and David Boies, Al Gore’s former lawyer during the Bush V. Gore Supreme Court case, the collective eyebrow raised across gay America.

Olson and Boies, adversaries in 2000, put together one of the most rock-solid cases never to be broadcast on YouTube (because the Supreme Court said no!). Not only did Olson and Boies set up a strong case for the recognition of marriage equality in California and a striking down of the misguided voter referendum, Prop 8; Olson and Boies ripped apart witness after witness from the defense, even getting many of the defense witnesses to agree with the plaintiffs in their cross examinations and questioning..."

Want to know more about the closing arguments? Check out my latest Feast of Fun piece!

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