Tuesday, June 15, 2010

FOF--Blackhawks caught flaunting their homophobia

Locker rooms are going to be crude, but do they have to be bigoted too?

Blackhawks caught flaunting their homophobia « Feast of Fun:
"Like I’ve said before, politics is my sports.

But if I was going to pick a sport to be my sport I’d choose hockey.

I grew up in Hockeytown, USA (Detroit, Michigan) and when you grow up in Detroit, you’re steeped in hockey every step of the way. You can’t help but love it.

However, hockey players do get hit in the head a lot, and some might say that that starts to affect their judgement.

Take, for example, the World Champion Blackhawks. Just last week they were hoisting Lord Stanley’s Cup up in celebration, but when snapped doing so, one camera caught something on a marker board that should not have been there.

“Pronger is gay” was added by one of the team members to a locker-room white board that appears to have the Philly line-up parsed out..."

Read the rest at Feast of Fun.com


drudolph said...

Maybe Brian Burke should have a talk with them....

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