Wednesday, June 2, 2010

TBP--Will Mark Kirk's outing stick?

Did Rogers really out Rep Kirk, or will the media need better evidence? My latest at the Bilerico project continues to follow this storyline as it develops in the gay blogosphere today. I'm staring to wonder if I'm going to be the go-to gay blogger on the Giannoulias/Kirk race soon enough, after a late-night podcast interview last night, and then the request this morning from to do this piece. I better interview both men soon if I'm going to be the guy to call on. Don't want to make anymore errors, like the first story I did on Kirk at!

Will Mark Kirk's outing stick? | The Bilerico Project:
"Tuesday morning, HBO's Outrage! subject Michael Rogers sent the gay/progressive blogosphere abuzz when he revealed that Rep. Mark Kirk had been sexually involved with two men in both his undergraduate and law school years. According to Rogers, these two men came forward after Kirk - who has enjoyed a long, unusually good relationship with the LGBT community despite being a Republican - voted to maintain the military's status quo in discharging openly gay servicemembers.

Rep. Mark Kirk is himself a servicemember, a Commander in the Naval Reserves for several decades with hoards of combat and intelligence awards. However, when he first ran for office in 1999, he made the strange move of publicly stating his support for an employment non-discrimination law that covers LGBT people. He voted against the anti-gay Federal Marriage Amendment in 2006, and has introduced many pro-gay resolutions in Congress, including, recently, a resolution co-sponsored with Tammy Baldwin condemning the arrest of the Malawi gay-couple.

After his decidedly anti-gay vote last week, however, the honeymoon is over..."

Get my take on the outing, what impact it may have, and weigh in with your thoughts over at

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