Thursday, June 10, 2010

FOF--Where’s my Jesus: LGBT hero worship syndrome

Where’s my Jesus: LGBT hero worship syndrome « Feast of Fun:
"Are you waiting for that great gay savior?

Well look no more he’s here!

Here in the LGBT community we have a political hero-worship/demonization problem. Rather than look at humans as humans, we expect all of our leaders to be perfect. When a new one comes along, we gush over them like they’re Neo in the Matrix. The old ones, on the other hand get called “evil,” and “coward,” and all sorts of other words that your mother used to wash your mouth out with soap if she heard you using them. In fact, its actually somewhere in between–which makes Robin McGehee more like Joe Solmonese than many younginz would like to admit.

Its all in my newest post “On agendas, loyalties, cult of personality and an end of the old dichotomy in the LGBT community...”"

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