Friday, June 4, 2010

One very sad day: Deb Price ends her column

One Very Gay Time by Deb Price on - A Syndicate Of Talent:
"'So tell me, America, how do I introduce Joyce?'

I posed that question back in May 1992 in the first column I ever wrote. That debut was an earthshaking breakthrough — a nationally syndicated, weekly column in mainstream newspapers about life from a gay perspective.

Over the next 18 years — and about 900 columns — I introduced my readers, mostly heterosexuals, to a gay couple — Joyce and me — and countless other wonderful people we met along our journalistic adventure."
Deb, you will be missed. Gannett--you have my number right?


therealpatrick said...

A sad day indeed. what a fantastic journalist and commentator. Her shoes will be hard to fill.

Ameriqueer said...

I met her once! After all, we're both from Michigan. It was amazing!