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This second part of the Happy Hour Roundup for today will focus mainly on Marriage Equality in general--lots of good news out there for us!  

First:  I want to plug my friend Chris' great blog which recently wrote about another friends' Christian take on the National Day of Silence.  Kudos!  Also--great work on the Hug In on the DOS, U of I!  In other local news, read up on the latest on the anti-gay Peoria Karaoke bar;
 better than having their bachelorette parties at our bars, I guess.  

Second:  We've got a lot of glowing endorsements this week!  Who said the Log Cabin Republicans didn't do enough good?  This week's LCR convention has garnered a lot of hot press--and not just the gay kind:  CNN and everything!  First, Steve Schmidt--McCain's 2008 campaign advisor--let on a few weeks ago that he supports Marriage Equality.  Now he's telling the LCR how they're going to do it--and how to get the GOP to help them.  He even got the LCR convention on CNN doing so!

My favorite Republican (besides Aaron Schock, of course), Meghan McCain rocked the LCR keynote with a mouth like a Sailor!  I LOVE this girl, and you should too!  The other day she even told Laura Ingram to "kiss [her] fat ass!"  Meghan mixes the fun and fabulousness of Paris Hilton with the brains and savvy of Chelsea Clinton--and she's the most visible socially progressive/fiscally conservative Republican celebrity daughters.  Her address came complete with a Public Speaking 101 neat and clean thesis statement--the first tenant of which was "The old school Republicans are scared shitless..."  Even mom got into the act, however, and began tweeting about her pride in her "fabulous" daughter (I have to remember to add Cindy to my twitter feed now...).  

A third big name popped up at the LCR convention today.  While not the most ringing endorsement of marriage equality, former Republican New Jersey governor, Christine Todd Whitman, advocated the GOP remove the 'traditional marriage' plank from their party platform--also endorsing the repeals of 'Don't Ask; Don't Tell' and the 'Defense of Marriage Act.'  While Rudy Giuliani is going on the Marriage Equality warpath, Whitman says its time for Christian Conservatives to allow moderates a voice in the party again.  Pretty powerful stuff.  

While not at the LCR convention, Dr. Laura also made headlines by proclaiming to Larry King that gay and lesbian relationships are a "beautiful thing."  Suck on that Rudy!

This all comes at a time when political insiders are weighing in on how their parties should handle Marriage Equality--funny little differences here, in the National Journal article!

The Universal Life Church (of which I am an ordained minister, actually--"I have the receipts") that church that bestows ordination to anyone after taking five minutes to answer a few questions online, has made waves by announcing plans to sue for nation-wide Marriage Equality.  The ULC usually stays way way out of politics, but will take legal action when they feel like their ministers' rights are being infringed upon.  

Meanwhile Larry Kramer is raising eyebrows again--this time telling gays to rise up against and demand more from the organizations that are working for our equality.   Very interesting points.  Meanwhile, Illinois is steaming full speed ahead to... Civil Unions (just doesn't seem very big now that you can cross the border at the Quad Cities and have full-blown marriage in 6 days).  

That is interesting considering many experts believe that we're closer than ever to full Marriage Equality nearly everywhere.  Check out the state-by-state guide at Box Turtle Bulletin.  Also check out Nate Silver's projections on state-by-state recognition, as well as his models on how its polling nationally.  Even NPR seems to be leaning toward the game-change--this could be the tipping point.   However, not everything is rosy--Speaker Pelosi has recently indicated the repeal of DOMA may NOT be a priority for the Democrats AFTER ALL.  This is opening the door for the introduction of one big complete gay-rights bill that covers EVERYTHING to try to increase the debate and get momentum in congress in place for a smaller compromise.  My buddy Jared Polis may be the one to pull of this brash premature act in Congress.  

Off the beaten path, A new group is calling for nonviolent civil disobedience, while Californians Against Hate are becoming a little bit TOO anti-Mormon for my liking with their six-state ad campaign.  Not all religious news is bad--an evangelical Christian and gay rights advocate is helping us make a BIBLICAL case for Marriage Equality.  Israel is turning unlikely gay rights advocate in taking their case against Iran to the international community.  You GO gurl!  Miami Beach put another nail in the coffin for the myth of the noncommittal gay couple, by turning their first official Pride Festival this week into a celebration of long-long-long term same-sex relationships.  

Finally, Miss California U.S.A. got Perez Hilton's question wrong last night, but that's OK because her sister is a same-sex equality activist, right?  Anyway, she's calling foul--she thinks it cost her the crown.


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