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COFFEE HOUR 429 - Specter Fallout, Racism in the Community and HATE CRIMES BILL VOTE TODAY!

Olympia Snowe gets it right--why the GOP should stop throwing Specter under the bus, and use this as a LEARNING EXPERIENCE!

President Obama has urged Congress to pass the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Act--or the Local Law Enforcement Enhancement Hate Crimes Prevention Act--Late Tuesday (after my last Happy Hour, of course).  CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVE AT 866.346.4611 IMMEDIATELY TO ENSURE THIS BILL'S PASSAGE!  It's toll free!  If we want to win Equality, we have to ELIMINATE RACISM FROM OUR COMMUNITY!  Its there, people, and let's face it, it reared its ugly head after the election.  Lets confront it and control it!  And back to some good news about Marriage Equality nationally!

MINNESOTA residents are gearing up for gay-marriage fight, as couple cross into Iowa to say "I Do."  NEW YORK's Governor Patterson is officially my favorite Governor, as he tells off the Religious Right.  Sorry Pat.  MAINE moved one step closer to Marriage Equality yesterday.  MAINE's own legislators are saying it "ought to pass."  A NEW HAMPSHIRE Freedom to Marry Coalition poll has found 55% of residents support full Marriage Equality, however, I for one would like to see a CNN, ABC, or CBS poll run on the subject before the gavel is banged.  I took a poll of everyone in my room this morning, and they all think that I should have another cup of coffee.  I told you about Marion Barry's presence at the WASHINGTON D.C. NOM rally yesterday--see what my favorite blogs are saying about his hypocrisy.  And here.  Reports from NEW YORK'S Equality and Justice Day yesterday.  

ARKANSAS residents are learning who put money up to pass a discriminatory, anti-family amendment limiting adoption to heterosexuals only.  

What on earth is wrong with knowing who gave how much to what cause?  If someone believes in something enough to give up cash for it, I believe that they should be proud that everyone else knows they support it.  Not to mention:  I have a right to NOT have to shop at a business owned or run by someone who'd just as soon send me to the gas chambers as take my coin.  I have a right to avoid places where I am clearly not welcome.  The people that hate me, are more likely to bring bodily harm to me than those that don't, and even if they're not going to hurt me, I'd rather feel comfortable and welcome, than not.  Knowing who gave what to the hateful bigoted amendment push, will allow gays and lesbians in Arkansas to go where they are wanted, and assure their hard earned dollars AREN'T speant to fund the 'relocation and re-education' camps that these bigots surely wouldn't mind getting on the ballot next.  HERE IS A LIST OF BIG ANTI-GAY COMPANIES!  NOTE:  Wal-Mart is doing much much better than in the past, and I think these people have old information.  Also note, I'm from Detroit, and I know that Dominos has a very high rating from HRC, and offers domestic partnership benefits--I once again believe they have some old information here.  Besides those two, I follow this when I go out shopping.  I won't be caught dead in Urban Outfitters or Cracker Barrel or getting gas from Mobil.  My car could be dead on the highway, and the next gas station could be another 50 miles, I'm not going to give Mobil one IOTA of attention or business, even if it means going out of my way or spending more.  When I learned about RockStar drinks a few months ago, I stopped drinking them.  Coincidentally, I was listening to an LGBT podcast on my iPod, walking INTO a convenience store for an energy drink, and was reaching FOR a RockStar when they said it!  I quickly pulled my hand (and money) away and instead tried one of the new DELICIOUS Monster Java flavors!  If EVERYONE who supported Equality did that, these businesses would be FORCED to support Equality too, JUST LIKE FLORIDA ORANGE JUICE DID IN 1977!

AROUND THE WORLD:  If Guido Westerwelle's Free Democratic Party overtakes Merkel's Christian Democrats in Germany, this Free-Market Maverick will become the world's first openly gay Foreign Minister!  Here are the places in the world where the U.S. could be doing more for equality.  

If you were to buy me this calendar for May Day, I certainly wouldn't hate it.  Representative Bachmann brings the sanity:  Democrats cause Swine Flu!  Nina Simone's "Feeling Good" is one of the 50 greatest recordings ever made, and every cover has been incredible (Including the Muse version [God, I just started playing it and got chills] used in my favorite episode of Queer As Folk), but (gay) Adam Lambert's version on American Idol is up there with the best of them.  
Miss Cali-Phobia, Carrie Prejean's sister is surprised to find out she's apparently a gay activist; but what do famous lesbians have to say about Miss Cali-Phobia?  The world may know him as Mr. Panama, but fans know him as "Andy," and now he knows he's unemployed.



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