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Happy Hour Roundup-Michael Steele on bottoming, Maine Marriage hearing tomorrow and more NOMNOMNOM.


First, I'll go ahead and post another NOMNOMNOM parody video... I wonder if we'll ever get over how hilarious this commercial is? Maybe your gut will completely bust after you see FunnyOrDie's take on it. Maybe NOMNOMNOM's own videos will get better now that Orson Scott Card is on the board. While Miss California hates us (or at least she hates political correctness), plenty of heterosexual college students are boycotting the institution of marriage until it is available to everyone. Is Perez Hilton the new spokesperson for God? I sure hope not, but Miss California U.S.A. seems to think so! Meanwhile, Miley Cyrus Tweets her support for Perez and Marriage Equality. In other Twitter/Political news, Gavin Newsom announces his candidacy for Governor over Twitter--check out the post here! I think its a first! Experts say that committed relationships NEED sex to stay healthy--I guess that means you need to take care of that sleep apnea: doctors say it can kill your sex-life! And OH RUDY!

Next--apparently the GOP views itself as 'the girl' of their gay marriage with the Dems. Michael Steele makes a little verbal oppsie. Dubya and Bubba (Bill Clinton) will debate publicly in Toronto next month--this ought to be good! Meanwhile non-profit lobbyists want the White House to treat them differently than corporate special interest lobbyists. New York's Empire State Pride Agenda has created a fantastic video debunking many of the myths about Marriage Equality put out by the Flat-Earth Fundies. The Chicago Tribune has released a guide on where to get gay married. Meanwhile, the Florida Supreme Court will hear arguments in the case fighting that state's ban on gay adoption.

On Capitol Hill, The House Committee dealing with the Federal Hate Crimes Bill will decide if it moves forward to the floor tomorrow. Here are some compelling reasons why it must. Lying hate groups, however, are trying hard to scare people with false accusations about what 'it will do.' Mike Quigly--a LGBT rights supporter who helped create Chicago's Cook County Domestic Partnership registry and extend benefits to same-sex partners of county employees--is settling in nicely as Rahmbo's replacement in the House. The first (non-incumbant) openly gay man elected to the House will be on Michelangelo Signorile's Sirius OutQ show (love it!) today at 3:30/4:30 Central discussing the gay agenda. You can listen for free! Senators are ranking one anothers' "bipartisanship."

More Pastor Rick Warren bashing. You all know my feeling about this. I think that we should be glad he's showing signs of evolving--even if we must be suspicious of his motives.


Finally: Learn more about this amazing and iconic gay group--the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. My friend Harry Kelley in Mt. Pleasant is actually one of the FOUNDING MEMBERS! The sisters wrote the VERY FIRST health brochure on Safe Sex EVER back at the beginning of the GRID crisis (which we now know as HIV/AIDS). I'm going to start posting more LGBT history links in my posts called KOH (Know Our History!), so this is volume 1!



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