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Nightcap Roundup 501

Since its coming so late on a Friday night, I decided to call it a nightcap. What do you think? For starters, check out this MSNBC video of David Schuster Destroying NOM's Brian Brown. WAL-MART NEEDS TO OUST THEIR CEO--BIGOT SUPPORTED ARKANSAS GAY ADOPTION BAN WITH TONS OF MONEY!

Nationally: Our White House Website scandal has evolved rapidly all day long. First, as I had already reported, the Blogosphere lit up with the news the White House had taken down LGBT-friendly language on their website. The White House responded and said that they were changing that site's direction from a campaign and transition site to an active administration site. Then, suddenly and mysteriously, much of the language was restored to the website--however more assertive wording about Don't Ask Don't Tell--"repeal"--was changed to "change." Then, as magically as before, the language was changed back to "repeal." All very strange, but in my opinion a very good sign--like the day that Reagan said "AIDS" for the first time. Now we know our voices are being heard, because in 48 hours, the White House reversed course. THIS WOULD BE A VERY GOOD WAY TO MAKE IT UP, THOUGH: Lesbian Law professor Kathleen Sullivan is apparently rumored to be on Obama's Short List for Souter Replacements!!! Poll-wise we've seen amazing shifts in our favor in the court of public opinion, but the battle is definitely not won. JUDY SHEPARD reacts to the passage of the Hate Crimes Bill and Rep. Virginia Foxx on Rachel Maddow's show. Someone else we need to watch, after they worked against us.

State2State: MASSACHUSETTS Episcopal Bishop says the Marriage Equality there hasn't negatively affected anyone. MINNESOTA is seeing a subtle shift in favor of Marriage Equality. I wish I had NEW YORK's Governor--Mr. Patterson says that the foes of Equality are a "generation behind." You should really take an in-depth look behind NEW HAMPSHIRE's Marriage Equality vote--who supported it, and how it happened. Even though they did good on Marriage--they got it wrong on Trans-protections. An OREGON resident, Gary Randall, has a long history of manipulating WASHINGTON State's voters--and he's trying again. Someone is starting trouble in IOWA. MAINE--welcome to "The People's Veto." CALIFORNIA's Supreme Court will deliver their Proposition 8 Decision by June 8. Is the National Center for Lesbian Rights' Kate Kendell right that its "toast," or is this going to get our hopes up just to be dashed down like HRC and the Task Force did before Election Night 2004? I'm usually very gushing with optimism, but in this case, I'm far more measured. To make an assumption of that level and get the hopes up of an underdog victory could seriously damage our momentum. I think that November 2, 2004 was a set-back in energy and spirit, as well as rights. We all got the wind knocked out of us, and had to take a step back. Will she lead us over the cliff again? Then again, as the buzz gets louder, she may be right, the Supreme Court of California may be wise enough to see that we are at a tipping point.

Around the World: FRANCE OKed foreign same-sex marriage. Sweden Marriage Equality started today.

Off Le Blotter: After calling her the "Face of Traditional Marriage," NOMNOMNOM now says professional boob-job recipient and Miss Cali-Phobia, Carrie Prejean doesn't speak for them--and after a disastrous stop at Gretta Von Sustren, apparently she doesn't speak much at all! An internal GOP poll finds that they've pretty much even given up on themselves. Carson teaches us how to talk to straight people. How to make millions of dollars discriminating against Americans. I REALLY WANT TO SEE 9-To-5 The Musical on Broadway.





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