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HAPPY HOUR ROUNDUP 514 - NEW HAMPSHIRE/NEW YORK! Uruguay, Singapore, Alaska, and Stonewall!

First, lets begin with the fact that NEW HAMPSHIRE Governor John Lynch never DID get the Marriage Equality bill (as I had previously thought).  Now, however, he's sending it back.  He wants a bit of new language put in that emphasizes the religious protections--basically make sure EVERYONE KNOWS that no church is going to be forced to perform gay marriages.  Like any self-respecting gay couple would WANT to marry in front of a congregation like that, anyway!  However, either way, I support our movement being VERY CLEAR to religious groups that this is MOST DEFINITELY not about attacking a religion or religious values, and that this is a RIGHTS issues.  Same-sex couples are marginalized and penalized in 1049 ways for NOT being heterosexual.  This makes them second class citizens.  There are THOUSANDS of churches out there that will perform a ceremony for me and call me "married" to my partner.  I'm pretty sure almost EVERY church in Urbana-Champaign will do it.  Its not about a ceremony.  Its about the fact that once the ceremony is over, I still can't:
  • Visit him in the hospital if he gets sick
  • Inherit property from him
  • File a joint tax return
  • Receive survivor benefits
  • Sponsor him for citizenship
  • Adopt a child with him
  • Make medical and end of life decisions with him
  • Be placed together in a nursing home
  • Be shielded, legally, in the case of any court cases...
And on and on.

Anyway, John Lynch will sign it if the language is changed.  But how quickly will the legislature move on it?  Now we're going to have to watch the legislature belabor over this AGAIN!  All the while, NOMNOMNOM is putting out this filth.


In NEW YORK, now that the Marriage Equality bill HANDILY passed the Assembly, all eyes are on the Senate, where things are going to be tight.  There are 20 Yes votes, 25 No votes, 17 undecided.  5 Undecideds might be leaning toward No... but that doesn't stop us from working on them.  Nate Silver crunches the numbers.  Queerty explains how we can get around Sen. Ruben Diaz who has basically secured a guarantee from Majority Leader Malcolm Smith to try to stop the bill from coming up.  Meanwhile, New Yorkers are split on Marriage Equality.  But in communities of color, the divide is deeper. Empire State Pride Agenda has put together this lovely ad to air in communities where votes are up for grabs.  

ON THE HILL:  Frank, Baldwin, Polis and Nadler introduce a resolution to officially recognize the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots.  

WHITE HOUSE WATCH:  Obama's latest Souter-replacement short list DOES NOT include any lesbians, but does include ally California Supreme Court Justice, Carlos Moreno.  However, I think the nation is ready for another woman on the court, so he probably should be out.  There are other opinions, however, that say that a lesbian isn't necessarily out of the running.  Obama needs to step in and do something about this Census mess that is going to marginalize gays,  lesbians and transgender folk--especially those in relationships raising families.  Andrew Sullivan on seeing the writing on the wall, and why he's enraged at the broken promises.  On the other side of the political fence, Dan Savage--not exactly a big Conservative--gives Obama an "F" for LGBT rights, while speaking to MSNBC.  Even one of my FAVORITE minds in the LGBT movement, black trans blogger, Pam Spaulding, has some extremely harsh words for Obama and very thoughtful insight into the homophobia he is embedding into our communities of color with his recent action.   When it comes to Don't Ask Don't Tell, the White House says that Legislation is key, however, Dan Choi disagrees, and has a lot of very intelligent things to say.  Though you gotta love the "Let's go to IOWA and make it official" joke!

ON THE GLOBE:  SINGAPORE is throwing a big ally party--and filming it from space!  URUGUAY is lifting their Military ban on gays... I wonder if anyone in D.C. is noticing this trend of previously assumed less-progressive less-democratic nations getting ahead of us... In Moscow, however, gay fans of the Eurovision Song Contest are being told they are not safe.  

OFF THE BLOTTER:  The human phalus--why its so big (although, I wouldn't mind if it were even bigger... well some of you... you know who you are)?  Comedy Dyke, Wanda Sykes, came home last night with two new-born tykes!  All the crazy you can take in one anti-gay video.   Shanna Moakler, Executive Director of the Miss California U.S.A. pageant has quit over the absurdity of the Carrie Prejean junk.  YOU GO GIRL!  Someone please shut WORLDNETDAILY down!  Eliot Spitzer on legalizing prostitution... hey, I still actually like this guy, despite the egg on his face.  Honestly, in my own experience, unaffiliated people have the best sex... followed by non-Americans, followed by Democrats AND Republicans (watch the outtake from OUTrage).  Illinois natives sadly land last on my list (sorry, I still love you!).  Many of you already know this.  



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