Tuesday, March 30, 2010

TBP--A contest I really need you to go vote in.

OK, I don't normally post promoting these internet popularity contests, but I need you to go read my blog and vote for my friends Jon and Greg right now. Then post this to your facebook, share it with everyone you know, make people go vote. I need this from you. Please! http://www.ultimateweddingcontest.com/entries/22682

Don't let the wing-nut bigots win--vote for Jon & Greg | The Bilerico Project:
"So I'm doing two things here you've probably never seen me do on this blog before. Maybe one more than the other...

gregnjon2.jpgFirst, I rarely if ever really post exclusively about marriage equality--though I do support it--unless there's like a crucial vote looming. I now consider this a crucial vote. I just think that marriage equality gets covered well on Bilerico by the many great voices who have made it their focus. I don't think I need to add anything, usually, but I am adding something today.

Second, I've never endorsed any sort of brand or contest on this blog. I try to stay out of the popculturey stuff. I never talk about TV or products.

But this is war. The Religious Right has interfered here, and we need to make a statement about our power. I also happen to have totally fallen in love with these two boys (not like threesome love, but... well... follow me over the jump)..."

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