Thursday, March 18, 2010

MSM pick up Choi, McGehee White House arrest story on ENDA/DADT day!

Two Arrested For Chaining Themselves to the White House Gate to Protest Don't Ask Don't Tell Policy - Political Punch:
"ABC News' Steven Portnoy and Sunlen Miller report: An Iraq war veteran and vocal opponent of the military’s Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy was arrested by police officers after chaining himself to the front gate of the White House, in apparent protest of that policy.

Lt. Dan Choi, who was discharged from the military and his role as an Arab linguist for being gay, has long opposed this policy. A second soldier, James Pietrangelo II, a plaintiff in the case turned down in the Supreme Court last year, also chained himself with Choi to the White House gate and was arrested.

Some 150 protesters were also in front of the White House, changing “Hey Hey Ho Ho Don’t Ask Don’t Tell has got to go,” and about 30 Washington D.C. police officers are lined up in a show of force there as well."

The Mainstream media is now running with the story. On this, the ENDA blogswarm day, and HRC DADT lobby day, our movement is about to get a LOT of attention!

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