Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Newest at the Reese's Pieces blog: a quick gay history of the theatre!

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Reese’s Pieces » Blog Archive » Its all about the footlights: the six century (if not longer) love affair between gays and Theatre.:
"That’s ‘Theatre’ with an “re” not an “er.”

Theatre the craft, and not theater, the building. Theatre the classic Aristotelian cathartic experience, of course. The costumes. The sets. The make-up.

Oh, the make-up!

Since Elizabeth (not Taylor, Tudor) called herself Queen of the British Empire, gay men–and to some extent lesbians and definitely transgender folk–have had a home in the Theatre. They’ve not only been the patrons, but the actors, the directors, the managers, the carpenters, and especially the writers (oh yeah, and composers and choreographers). Theatre has persisted since Shakespeare’s days thanks in no small part to the full and unreserved perseverance of the Theatre queens out there who propel the craft season after season..."

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