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Holy Shit. This guy, OK State Senator, Steve Russell, must be possessed by really mean, really evil demons. He's basically saying "We want to be able to kill and maim our gays without the Feds getting involved. We love physically harming gay people so much--and harming them JUST BECAUSE they are gay--that we want to override Federal law."

Rod 2.0:Beta: Oklahoma Senate Votes for Exemption from Fed Hate Crime Laws:
"MetroStar News, the Oklahoma-based LGBT newspaper, explains the practical ramifications: 'This would prohibit providing as evidence to Federal authorities a bloody baseball bat or gun used in that type of crime to assist in their prosecution of that hate crime. Since crimes committed due to a victim’s sexual orientation/gender identity are not Hate Crimes under Oklahoma state law, and this restriction would make Federal prosecution of this type of crime in Oklahoma very difficult if not impossible, this would greatly impede Hate Crimes protection for the GLBT community in Oklahoma.'"

Russell's quote? "This protects people to do or say whatever they want..."


Like "I hate fags, I think I'm going to kill that one over there." And then go do it. Because that's what they want.

There is a VERY VERY special place in Hell for Steve Russell.

What's worse is that this passed the Senate.

Please write the OK board of Tourism and say you not only will not be visiting OK anytime soon, but you'll also be making sure everyone you know knows why you won't be visiting OK. Then share this link with your friends. It would be great if you followed up your letter/email with a phone call too. Double the impact.


Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department
120 N. Robinson, 6th Floor
Oklahoma City, OK 73102

Hardy Watkins - Executive Director 405-230-8301
Discover Oklahoma 405-230-8433
Executive Office 405-230-8309
State Parks and Resorts 405-230-8390
Travel and Tourism 405-230-8400

That's for starters.

Representative Benge, Chris, Speaker of the House (405) 557-7340

Don't forget to tell this guy you're not visiting his state if he signs the bill:
Governor Brad Henry
(405) 521-2342

Oh yeah, and Steven Russell? Let's make sure he's out of the job next year. If you have information about who gives to Steven Russell, I want to know. Sociopaths like this have no business having power. They deserve to be locked up and have the key thrown away.


therealpatrick said…
This bill is the product of a deranged and dangerous brand of bigotry that is becoming far too common in our country.

Contrast the Republican Party's war on gays to the British Conservative (Tory) Party's efforts to woo gay voters and you see how far back in the dark ages these people are living.

I am worried that we are going to continue to see this insane hatred of LGBT people continue to present itself in the American political dialog.

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