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Dont' forget its tonight! Visit the blog for more details!

Reese’s Pieces » Blog Archive » Don’t forget: DRAG AT HIGH VELOCITY IS TONIGHT!:
"Yesterday I wrote a little about the history of drag, and the hows and whys, in my blog “What’s a ‘drag?’” Don’t forget you can experience the real thing tonight at Drag At High Velocity TONIGHT, March 11 at 7:30pm in the Illini Union I-Rooms, put on by the IUB and the LGBT Resource Center

Many drag contests operate within the Imperial Court System, a charity organization that does amazing amounts of good in Canada, Mexico and the United States, raising money for AIDS/HIV support and research, hate crimes victims assistance, anti-bullying education, elder-care and homeless youth support and services. Like most good drag shows, tonight’s Drag At High Velocity in the Illini Union I-Rooms, is a charity drag show for the Illini Union Board and the LGBT Resource Center..."


Anonymous said…
I know I'm going to be very unpopular, but I don't really get the need to do drag, or why it needs to be such a centerpiece of gay culture. On the other hand to each his own. I used to get so frustrated as president of a gay group in my city when we'd have our pride celebration and all the media could focus on were the drag organizations, even though the overwhelming majority of LGBT community members are not drag queens/kings.
Ameriqueer said…
Dear Anonymous. I assume we know one another. I hope you take a chance to go to my the217 blog and read about the history and importance of drag. Did you know that drag contests have raised millions of dollars for charity? One of the largest charitable foundations in the community is a drag organization. Did you know that drag shows are more popular in straight bars than gay bars, which--in a way--is a foot in the door to change minds and hearts? Did you know the first safe sex literature ever written to combat AIDS/HIV was written by members of the drag group "Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence" and they subsequently became the front lines on the fight against AIDS/HIV in the early years? Do you know the history of our movement and how big of a part drag queens have played? We wouldn't have a movement without them. They were the first to fight back. Did you know drag goes back hundreds of years in our community, and that drag queens help organize our community AS a community for the first time hundreds of years ago in Molly Houses in the big cities of Europe?

You should really check it out. I challenge you to do a little research here and see if you may not learn something.
Ameriqueer said…

This was part of my many pieced response to Will and Grace creator, Max Mutchnick, when he dissed "Pride" and dissed twinks and queens...

We can't ALL be hetero clones, nor do some of us want to be, nor do I believe that's what straight allies are expecting. I think CAMP has a great history in our community. I think it holds an important place. And I think its the DRAG QUEENS WHO ARE OUT AND PROUD and NOT the gay people who don't make a peep who catch the attention of the "Movable Middle" in America and get them thinking.

Think about the parts of the world where our movement has been MOST successful in securing our rights. What does the gay community look like in Germany, France, England, Netherlands, Belgium, Skandinavia... are they MORE subdued than American gays? Do they blend in better? Hell no! The places where we've quickly won our equality were places where compromises were NOT made, especially when it comes to self-expression. Have you ever BEEN to a gayborhood in Europe? OH MY GOD! WOAH! Its shocking! And openly-gay politicians show up to these places, shake leather daddys' hands and end up on the front page of the paper, and their poll numbers go up.

I'm telling you, we got it all wrong here. Its not about "trying" to fit in. Its about being HONEST! Being who one is, and expressing oneself. Once that clicks in here in America, and the light goes on, I think the "Movable Middle" in America will respect us more, because we'll be more obvious and more visible. Instead of hiding our differences we should celebrate them and say "Its DIVERSITY and INDIVIDUALISM that makes America great, and colors our great history--NOT assimilation!"

Than again, some gays are unCOMFORTABLE with expressing themselves this way, and that's cool too! As long as you take the advice from Hamlet "To THINE OWN SELF be TRUE!" and express yourself the way YOU see fit, and DON'T knock others for expressing themselves the way THEY see fit.
therealpatrick said…

The history of drag in LGBT culture is something that we really should be proud of. Drag is an artform pioneered by our community, and it is a touchstone in American music and cultural history.

For me personally, it means so much more than that. Some of the first gay people I ever met -- certainly some of the fiercest and bravest I have ever met -- were drag queens who performed in the local gay bar in my home town. We used to sneak in when we were under age to watch the shows on Sunday nights. It was these brave ladies who taught me to embrace who I am and damn the consequences.

I myself have never dressed or performed in drag, but I am so grateful for those who practice the art form; just as I have never performed Jazz music, but I am proud that it is a part of my Amercan culture and history.

With all this being said, I hope you won't feel reticent to express your opinion on the subject. Healthy discussion is always a good thing and I don't think you should hesitate out of a fear of being unpopular or politically incorrect.

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