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This Week in LGBT History: February 28 - March 6

This week marks the end of February and the beginning of March. In March of 1649, Sarah White Norman became the first woman in North America to be convicted on charges of lesbianism. 351 years later, in March of 1990, a group of activists from ACT-UP formed a new LGBT rights organization called Queer Nation.

On February 28, 1895, The Marquess of Queensbury delivered a letter to Oscar Wilde which accused him of lewd behavior and sodomy. Wilde had been romantically involved with The Marquess' son, Bosie Douglas.

On March 1, 1895, Oscar Wilde filed libel charges against The Marquess of Queensbury.

On March 2, 1942, American Rocker Lou Reed was born.

On March 3, 1975, the State of Arkansas became the first State in the American south to pass a bill decriminalizing homosexual activity (though, the State re-criminalized sodomy at a later date).

On March 4, 1948, American equal rights advocate Jean O'Leary was born. O'Leary was instrumental in helping to launch the first National Coming Out Day celebration in 1988.

On March 5, 1842, the State of Florida passed a sodomy law with a mandatory death penalty.

On March 6, 1475, Renaissance master painter Michelangelo Buonarroti was born.


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I LOVE THIS ONE! The video is a nice touch, Patrick! And "Take A Walk On The Wild Side" has got to be one of the best singles EVER!!!

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