Thursday, February 11, 2010

LC--When the cat’s away…

I just posted to my Lundon Calling blog about the shenanigans that went down on that show while I was away in Dallas. How dare they lie about my age on air while I was in hostile territory! After all, my last initials are J.R!

When the cat’s away…:
"OK, so I’m a week behind on blogging, but I have a good excuse. While Ace and Lance were recording the 57th show, I was off in Dallas, TX at the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force’s annual LGBT leadership conference, Creating Change! It was an amazing conference! I met some pretty fantastic people: I met Matt Foreman, Mike Rogers and Kate Kendell all for the first time, not to mention bloggers like George Cole and Chris Bartlett! I also learned so much at the brilliant workshops, and–of course–loved seeing my blogging buddies Bil Browning, Jerame Davis, Adam Bink, Waymon Hudson and his hubby Anthony and Michael Crawford. Finally, I had two great roommates–Zack Ford and Adam Taylor. Both are great bloggers and social networkers and leaders in our movement.

Then I came back to listen to show 57. All I can say is its a doozy. And I better NEVER miss another recording because Nathan Treanor of Nathan OUTloud–show 57’s guest–actually had the NERVE to call me 40! Ana Guerriero–my fill in host, and a friend of mine going way back to 2000 when I started at Central Michigan University–had my back and suggested I’m just a youngin. Well Ace had it right–I’m actually 27… but don’t tell anybody because I tell everyone here I’m 25.

I’m loving this episode, though, because–even though Ace really gets angry off the top there–it was a lot of fun for the rest of the show. I wish I had been there!

Nathan, I can’t wait to have you on AGAIN, so I can give you what for for calling me 40! Why I oughtta… :-)"

Please make sure you listen to the show!

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