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On Joining Ameriqueer

Those of you who saw the earlier post here memorializing Lawrence King may have noticed that I am a new contributor to the Ameriqueer blog. I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself and fomally announce the new feature that I will be launching here: The Ameriqueer LGBT History Project.

If you are on twitter, you may already know me as @therealpatrick. I have been tweeting under that screen name for nearly a full year. My participation in this blog arose after a series of conversations on Twitter and via email with the founder of Ameriqueer about the current state of the LGBT community and the political movement to extend LGBT equality. Our conversations left me searching for some way to recommit to activism and to increase my personal participation in the movement in some useful way.

The Ameriqueer LGBT History Project is the first step toward enhancing my community involvement and one that I hope will yield long term dividends for me personally as well as for the readers of Ameriqueer.

Beginning this Sunday, and every Sunday for the next year, I will post a summary of the upcoming week's notable anniversaries, birthdays, and milestone events in the LGBT history. There is a depth of richness and diversity in the history of the queer community of which too many of us (including, I confess, myself) are ignorant. By surveying this history in a way that is light and easily digested, I hope that we can all obtain a greater appreciation for the progress that we have made and for the progress that has yet to be made.

Ultimately, it is my hope that we can all be inspired by the fact that all history is made by ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Each of us has the power to do something extraordinary in our own life that will make history and leave our community better off than it was when we began.

As we embark upon the next 52 weeks of this project, I have one small request. If there are any important dates in LGBT history that have special meaning or resonance to you, I hope you will pass them along to me, either on twitter, or in the comments section on this blog, so that I can include them in my master list. I am doing the best I can to include the most important dates I can find, but I will inevitably miss many important ones. Any help or feedback you can give me will be greatly appreciated.


Ameriqueer said…
Patrick, I'm so GEEKED about these posts! I'm really looking forward to reading them. I really dig your goal, and I'm extremely grateful you chose Ameriqueer as your venue!

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