Wednesday, February 17, 2010

LC--Guess who’s back? Back again?

Guess who’s back? Back again?:
"Bicoastal, bigenerational and bipartisan–and now bi-z… SHOWBIZ NIGHT! In show 58, we spoke to Hollywood Historian, Laurie Provost–previous guest John Provost’s wife. This author and comedian shared with us some of the coolest stories from Hollywood history. It was really fun!

Laurie and Ace discussed her husband John’s time on Lassie as Timmy, and Lance and I asked her about Hollywood’s Haaaaaauuunted Hiiiistory… woooooooo!

Do you know anyone who needs to be a guest on Lundon Calling? Do you know anyone who’s been affected by the Military’s Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy? Anyone who wants to come on and talk about LGBT history, or where the movement is heading in the future? Let us know–we’d really love to talk to you about having them on!

For now, check out Show 58–the RETURN OF PHIL!"

Make sure you take a listen to Show 58!

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the Aceman said...

Phil, you misspelled a name. You said "John" and it is JON Provost. Now we'll have to kiss Laurie's butt!