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No Recap today... But I do have a question, dear reader.

There was no recap today because I was feeling pretty sick, but I promise to be back soon.

I get a lot of mixed feedback about the recaps--many of my friends say they don't really look at them. Still others say they like it. I check out my page view totals, however, and my recaps have some of my highest hit counts of any posts.

Do you read the recaps? Do you enjoy them? How could I make them better?

They do take a lot of time to put together, and the new 'copy and paste' from the Twitter feed is admittedly harder to read, however gets put together a LOT faster than the previous way of paragraphs. I don't have time to be Joe Jarvis and post my view in a separate post on each of those stories. Besides, I think the Twitter following is growing faster than the blog following. Still, I'm in it for the blog, and that's where my energy will be. Maybe I could get a little of column A and a little of column B.

Maybe there's a happy medium?

Tell me your views on the recap.


jim d said…
i like the recap and do find a lot of things I missed from the twitter feeds during the day... I know it has to take a lot of time and understand if you want to concentrate on the articles...

Appreciate all the time and effort

xoxo Jillian said…
I like recaps too. On other blogs that I read they are just one line and have a link posted if you want to read more. I find them very helpful.
Ameriqueer said…
That's not a recap, that's a single article summary, little sis. A recap is more of a roundup of several stories all summarized and linked. But I thank you for your input, and have fun in Germany, tell Hasselhoff I said hi. Get Rufus Wainwright's autograph for me, I think he lives there now.

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