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For the girl who has everything...

OK, so I'm turning 25 again this year, but Facebook's Cause application won't let me lie... SO, while I'd rather you donate $25 to my cause in honor of my birthday... the only increment I'm allowed to suggest you donate is 27. Please don't ask me what 27 means... it hurts far too bad. And you'll figure it out.

As you may know, LGBT youth are 4x more likely to attempt and succeed at suicide. They are also far more likely to be homeless, be rejected by their peers, drop out of high school, abuse drugs or alcohol, be disowned by their families, and miss out on opportunities to better themselves. Instead of getting me a $500 Williams Sonoma gift certificate or a new Mac Book Air; in honor of my birthday, please make a donation to NYAC to help expand programs that give LGBT youth the support to survive AND thrive!

If you want to send the Mac Book or the gift certificate TOO, I certainly wouldn't be opposed!

Hey, I survived being young, out and gay in High School, and many of you did too. Regardless of what your experience was like, we need to make things better for today's young people. Please give what you can to NYAC. Follow the link bellow to make the donation in my name.

Thank you in advance for supporting this cause--you've given me more by supporting than you ever could have if you had bought me anything!



Joe Moderate said…
Congratulations, Phil! :-D

As someone who just celebrated his fourth 25th birthday, I can commiserate with you :-)

Love the idea of a birthday gift to an LGBT organization. Would it be okay if we donated to Equality Maine?


Ameriqueer said…
Actually I would really appreciate that. Remember that list of top 10 races I was going to do? I've spoken with almost every campaign, and the initial post will go live today and will run for the week in 5 parts: today list of the 10, tomorrow detailed information about 10-7, wed details on 6-4, thurs details about 3-1 and Friday run a Bilerico post aiming to get folks to the list to donate.
Ameriqueer said…
...and the PURPOSE of me telling you all of that is that MAINE is NUMBER ONE on the list!
Joe Moderate said…
Awesome! C and I just donated :-)

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