Tuesday, July 6, 2010

TBP--SameSexSunday: Prop 8 Closing Arguments; Will Blogs Kill LGBT Print Media?

SameSexSunday: Prop 8 Closing Arguments; Will Blogs Kill LGBT Print Media? | The Bilerico Project:
"This week on SameSexSunday with Joe Mirabella and Phil Reese, Metro Weekly Senior Political Correspondant and Law Dork blogger, Chris Geidner, shares his perspective on the Proposition 8 Federal trial closing arguments in Judge Vaughn Walker's San Francisco Court. His MetroWeekly piece, 'Case Closed' summarized the last day of the Perry vs. Schwarzenegger case--a case that could have a much broader impact than just striking down a discriminatory California ballot initiative..."

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Brad said...

I gave up on most of the print media because the articles were stupid and vapid for the most part. Little more than fashion magazines with a bunch of twinky young men I don't really find all that attractive. Also, the articles hardly ever touch on any people over the age of 35 and or who don't look like models. As a middle aged, bearish guy, I don't see any correlation in most of the print media to my own life experience or that has any serious relevance in what real LGBT people lives are like.

John said...

I agree, Brad. I don't think that blogs will *kill* print media, I just think that print media has to adapt themselves to remain relevant. And that's going to be a hard job to accomplish, considering the ease with which blogs can quickly be created to address every possible viewpoint.