Tuesday, July 6, 2010

FOF--Will Hawaii Governor say “Aloha” or “Aloha” to Civil Unions today?

The FULL piece is over at Feast of Fun, with a ton of really important facts and commentary AFTER this snippet. Please don't comment until you've read the whole thing.

Will Hawaii Governor say “Aloha” or “Aloha” to Civil Unions today? « Feast of Fun:
"Today is the last day that Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle (R) can veto the state’s Civil Unions bill–and both supporters and opponents are biting their nails to see what this Diane Keaton doppelganger will do.

“I really thought about this more than I have thought about any other piece of legislation,” Lingle told KITV on Sunday, July 4th, “It is a subject that has really touched the hearts and minds of everyone in Hawaii.”

In June, the Governor added the bill to a list she sent to the legislator of newly passed legislation that she might potentially veto–apparently a strange quirk of the Hawaiian system.

Perhaps the statement, published Sunday, released by a Governor’s office spokesperson speaks volumes..."

To read the quote, and get more analysis, check out my latest at "Feast of Fun."

Please read the ENTIRE piece before you comment! I don't post my entire pieces to Ameiriqueer. These are just snippets, meant to bring you to my pieces at their homes at the host blogs. Many folks, it seems, think that--despite the fact that the quote ends in elipses, and says "read the rest here" that that's all I have to say on the subject, and promptly comment on the little bit of information as if its the whole piece--often conflicting with information in the full piece, which they would not have done had they gone and read it. I really really want you to go visit the full piece at Feast of Fun, today, and comment THERE instead of HERE. Get the full story, the whole picture, and THEN drop your knowledge on us.

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