Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Top 5 Straight Allies in Congress 2009

To call me a single issue voter is an exaggeration, but not a gross exaggeration, and its a charged lobbed at me often for good reason--I'm Mr. Gay. I wouldn't call myself a single issue voter because workers' rights, climate change and health care are all extremely important to me--not to mention immigration reform. However, we all know my TOP political issue is, and will always be LGBT rights--at least until the United States is able to pass UAFA, ENDA, DPBO and repeal DOMA and DADT. Lots of letters, I know. You don't have to know exactly what they all mean right now. Just know they're important.

Because I'm ALMOST a single issue voter, I appreciated this Festivus gift that Michael A Jones from Change.org dropped in my lap this week. Its a list of the TOP FIVE straight allies in Congress. I know who I'm NOT sending lumps of coal to this year! On the contrary, I plan to drop a little change in their reelection buckets come January.

Without straight allies, we will never be able to lift ourselves from second class citizen status. When I come across someone who really gets it, I take notice, and I show my appreciation. I've already given to one of the people on this list (I'll let you guess who after you read it) but I now plan on giving to all f... six? OK, so Mike cheated and gave a tie to number one. He should have titled this different, then... ahh well.

However he titled it, this list is great, and the profiles of these great friends of our rights are compelling. Please read the article and consider showing YOUR appreciation for THEIR going out on a limb for YOUR rights.

The Top Five Straight Allies in Congress for 2009 | Gay Rights | Change.org:
"Who are the leading advocates for LGBT rights inside the Beltway? Well, common sense would lead you to the three openly gay and lesbian politicians currently serving in the U.S. Congress –- Rep. Tammy Baldwin, Rep. Barney Frank, and Rep. Jared Polis. Great or legendary figures, but what happens when you get beyond these three folks?

Then it’s time to turn to the straight advocates who rock the halls of Congress. In a governmental body where you have members saying that gay marriage makes them physically queasy (Sen. Jim DeMint), or that gay marriage is a bigger threat than terrorism (Rep. Michele Bachmann), it’s important to know who your straight friends are.

Who are they? Well, in 2009, there were many. But we’ve got five below who not only brought their equal rights game this session of Congress, but lent their bully pulpits and soapboxes to advance LGBT rights."
If you want to read the list, go check it out, and follow Mike's important links!

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