Friday, December 11, 2009


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Please check out my first column in Out & About Illinois magazine on newsstands this week!

LGBT Politics and Life: When the News Knocks at your Door

Mother told me there are three things you never
talk about in polite company: sex, religion and politics.
Unfortunately for her, thanks to my father her boy has always
been a very politically-oriented person. Current events was
the ‘sports’ of our household, and political campaigns is the
major leagues of the news.

Back when I was a kid there were two things that
happened once every four years and you never missed a
minute of it unless you were in a coma: The Olympics and
the election (or reelection) of another American President. I
became a political junkie at a young age.

I think, however, I’m a rare duck in the lesbian, gay,
bisexual and transgender community. Most gays and lesbians
are content to live their lives every day just being the best
citizens they can possibly be. They aren’t radical, and they
aren’t activists. They are good neighbors working hard and
struggling to pay bills and get food on the table like most

If all things were equal in America, this would be enough.
Gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people would never
have to follow the political news and challenge the social

Read more of "When the News Knocks At Your Door" (p. 9) and pick up a copy of Out & About Illinois at progressive bookstores, retailers and restaurants this week!

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