Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Looks like we made it, we're Phil incorporated!

Remember when I told you (over at Bilerico.com) about that certain Senator's husband who crashed a Jim Madigan fundraiser? Well looks like y'all were reading and talking!

Drunk Husband of State Senator Heather Steans Crashes Fundraiser of Rival Jim Madigan | WindyCitizen.com:
"The Commish 1 week 22 hours ago

Sweet, this story just hit #1. Good work, team. This is a silly incident even by Illinois standards."

So the drunk Leo Smith story has taken on a life of its own, and I'm really glad that it has. Just as "The Commish" says, its a silly incident even in this state of silly incidents. But WindyCitizen.com isn't the only outlet to have picked up my version of the piece:

Heather Steans' Drunk Husband Crashes Jim Madigan Fundraiser - Feast of Fun - Chicagonow.com:
"This was just put up on the Fresh section of Feast of Fun

Jim Madigan, the openly-gay former director of Equality Illinois running for the state Senate was having a fundraiser at The Call in Andersonville Thursday night, when he was surprised by a very special guest: Leo Smith the drunk husband of incumbent 7th district Senator Heather Steans! Leo, had some very special words to share with Madigan! Check out the entire (too hot for TV) diatribe and his wonderful fashion sense.

Read the full article written by Phil Reese of Ameriqueer on the Bilerico Project."

Marc Felion from the Feast of Fun podcast up in Chicago posted this to his ChicagoNow.com blog, and it made it to the front page.

Chicago News Bench also picked up some more photos:
Chicago News Bench: More About Goofy Leo Smith (Mr. Heather Steans) with NEW Photos:
"Chicago News Bench asked for - and got - more photos, which we present in this post. You probably haven't seen these anywhere else (yet!)."

I'm pretty pumped that people are seeing my writing, and that I'm doing what I can to help change the gridlock and corruption in Springfield. We're all sick of playing the game and sending the same people to the Dome over and over again while everything gets worse for the lot of us and the machine just keeps chugging along getting bigger, without noticing that its completely useless. Its like the Illinois Political Industrial Complex!

I hope that fresh blood and underdog candidates can generate true change in Springfield. We shall see!

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