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There's more to LGBT politics than what's happening in D.C. This year, we've seen more local wins than ever before in our movement's history. From Vermont to Maine to Iowa, we're turning out local victories while the lobbyists in D.C. are still getting answering machines. What will happen nationally if we start to win ALL of our local contests?

In order to win, we need to support. You and I can't support every single local campaign this Fall, but perhaps we can pick 10 to support with just a little bit of money today, and then get our friends to support those 10 too. What would happen if 100 people gave just $10 to each of these 10 campaigns? Each campaign could pay for the type of leg-work they need to change minds and hearts. What if those 100 people were 1000 people? Do you think you could convince just 10 people to give $100--$10 each--to these campaigns, and then in turn convince 10 more people to do the same?

Do you see where I'm going here?

Yesterday, I released my list of 10 campaigns. Today, I want you to just learn about four of these amazing races, and decide if you can support Victory. We're all strapped, but if you can spare $100 and get 10 more people to do so as well, we WILL continue our march to VICTORY!

10. Wisconsin Domestic Partnership Benefits State Supreme Court Challenge -- "Fair Wisconsin is focused on defending domestic partnerships from a legal challenge being brought forward by Wisconsin Family Action." says Katie Belanger of Fair Wisconsin.

The nonpartisan Wisconsin Legislative Council issued an opinion on May 6th, 2009, supporting the legality of the new domestic partnerships under an anti-Marriage Equality constitutional amendment, stating “it is reasonable to conclude that the domestic partnerships proposed…do not confer a legal status identical or substantially similar to that of marriage for unmarried individuals in violation of art. XIII, s.13.”

Christopher Clark, senior staff attorney with Lambda Legal, concurs. “In the absence of such a conflict, we are perplexed and disappointed by the Attorney General’s decision and we encourage the Governor to vigorously defend the important legal protections that the legislature validly enacted to protect Wisconsin citizens.”

The situation for Fair Wisconsin has recently become very grave, and they're in need of a lot of support. Just last week, we found out that Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen would not be defending the law in the courts. “Fair Wisconsin is disappointed at the Attorney General’s decision,” said Katie Belanger, Executive Director of Fair Wisconsin in a press release two Fridays ago. “The Attorney General was elected to defend the State of Wisconsin from exactly this type of legal challenge, and we regret that he has chosen not to do so.”

“Because of the importance of this legislation," Continued Belanger, "Fair Wisconsin will seek to take an active role in this case and has retained Lambda Legal as counsel. We are confident that the State Supreme Court will arrive at a fair and just decision that upholds these basic protections for same-sex couples.”

Fair Wisconsin needs your help. Please click the link today to donate to Fair Wisconsin, and your small donation will help pay for the enormous amount of cash such a legal battle consumes.

9. Anthony Woods Democratic candidate for U.S. House's California District 10 -- Woods is a handsome young West Point graduate and Iraq war veteran--so he'll have a comrade on Capitol Hill with Iraq vet and LGBT ally Patrick Murphy. Did I mention he's gay, black and was discharged after coming out to his commanding officer? Mr. Woods is only 28 years old, but ready to bring fresh ideas and energy to Washington as he seeks to be our 4th openly gay member of that old Washington boy's club. However, Woods started out fighting in a field of SEVEN Democrats, and needs lots of exposure and support to rise to the top of the pack. If he takes the primary, he's likely to take the seat in this very Democratic district. Send $10 by going to and clicking "contribute" at the top.

Woods is out of the race, but has a bright future ahead of him! I will be replacing his slot with a new #9 to watch soon!

8. Charles Pugh Detroit City Council, Michigan -- Openly gay, former Detroit news anchor, Charles Pugh, is leading the pack of City Council candidates, after finishing first in the primaries a few weeks ago. Charles Pugh will be the first openly gay city council member in this fairly progressive but problem-plagued city. He's running to reform a city council that's been beleaugured with scandal as of late (remember Kwame Kilpatrick?) If you want to donate to Pugh's campaign, please click here.

7. Adam Ebbin 49th District Virginia House of Delegates reelection -- Adam Ebbin, a Victory Fund endorsed lawmaker, is returning to the polls on November 3 to defend his seat in the Virginia House of Delegates. An advocate of transportation and labor issues, Ebbin is more than just a gay candidate. If you want to give your help, click here!

Tomorrow, you will learn about three more amazing campaigns that you can make a difference by supporting with a very small amount today. 6. Illinois Civil Unions; 5. Dana Beyer 18th District Maryland House of Delegates; 4. Annise Parker Democratic candidate for mayor of Houston.

Please consider giving to the four campaigns above today--even if it's only $1. Then ask everyone you can to pitch in as well. Maybe you can be part of a REAL REVOLUTION!


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