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As I began yesterday, I think there's more to LGBT politics than what's happening in D.C. Though I did endorse the National Equality March today, I disagree with the organizers that D.C. is ALWAYS where its at. Our local snowball is rolling. This year's seen more local wins than ever before. From Vermont to Maine to Iowa, we're turning out local victories while the lobbyists in D.C. are still getting away messages. What will happen to momentum nationally if we start to win ALL of our local contests?

In order to win, we need to support. we can't support every single local campaign this Fall, but perhaps 10 to focus on for starters, and build from there. What would happen if 100 people gave just $10 to each of these 10 campaigns? What if those 100 people were 1000 people? Do you think you could convince just 10 people to give $100--$10 each--to these campaigns, and then in turn have them convince 10 more people to do the same?

Do you see where I'm going here?

Monday, I released my list of 10 campaigns. Yesterday, I gave you 10-7: 10. Wisconsin Domestic Partnership Benefits Supreme Court Challenge; 9. Anthony Woods U.S. House California 10th District; 8. Charles Pugh Detroit City Council, Michigan; 7. Adam Ebbin 49th District Virginia House of Delegates reelection.

Today, I want you to learn about three amazing races, and decide if you can support Victory. We're all strapped, but if you can spare $100 and get 10 more people to do so as well, we WILL continue our march to VICTORY!

6. Illinois Civil Unions -- Equal Marriage Illinois is putting bodies in the Dome in Springfield to push those lawmakers that are on the Fence to cast a vote in favor of Equality on the The Illinois Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Union Act.

This traditionally progressive state, has fallen behind its bucolic Northwestnern neighbor, IOWA in terms of LGBT equality this year. While Civil Unions aren't full marriage, this Rep. Greg Harris/Senator David Koehler bill is a very positive step. "The bill in its current form (SB1716 HA#1) is one of a handful of pieces of legislation that can still be considered during the Veto Session next month" said Representative Greg Harris. "I think it would also be fair to say that in Illinois, and I imagine every other state, marriage equality will be a big question in next years election cycles."

A win in Illinois this fall will send a strong message to the rest of the nation--Equality can not be stopped. Send $10 through this portal and you will pay for lobby training and the creation of important educational materials. You could also give at Rep. Harris' P.A.C. or to Equality Illinois.

5. Dana Beyer 18th District Maryland House of Delegates -- As she charms her future constituents in Maryland's Chevy Chase area with her genuine friendliness and approachability, Dr. Dana Beyer is set to be the first transgender State Legislator in American history, and the highest ranked transgender elected official currently in the United States. As an eye surgeon, she certainly is attuned to seeing things not visible to most--but as a transgender woman, she'll have the most unique perspective in American politics--a perspective that will surely serve well her constituents, especially those at economic or political disadvantage.

"I am a national civil rights leader, and a proud progressive who works on behalf of all marginalized people and whose goal is to give the people of Maryland the progressive government leadership they deserve." said Beyer. Visiting the about section of her website backs that up. Her biography reads like the entire script of a Nobel Prize ceremony (certainly got to be somewhere in her future).

As a physician, Dana's main goal is to improve the basic quality of life for Marylanders and bring Health Care for everyone. That's a goal that all of us in the LGBT community (save probably a few who don't even read this blog) can definitely get behind. More than just being a historic campaign, this is a truly electrifying candidate who will make real change on a spectrum of issues for her constituents.

Dr. Beyer's race will be tough, but she is confident that the small contributions will make the difference. "Whereas $10 won't, in itself, buy anything these days," she told me "that $10, magnified by the online community a thousand-fold, makes all the difference We all know, from the Obama campaign, how expensive things are but we also learned the power of a movement to leverage those of lesser means."

"In my district, 250 $10 contributions will pay for a mailer to seniors, and 500 to all the women Democratic voters in the district. 1000 $10 contributions will pay for a week of blitz canvassing all over the district, three of which will touch every potential primary voter."

While Dana needs 'only' $150K, that money goes primarily to what is called "touches"--the candidate touching voters, either through direct mail (very expensive), professional canvassers (expensive), volunteers (cheap but require management) and the candidate (free, but time-consuming).

Small contributions don't directly buy that, but they add up quickly, and amount to "an investment in a better America." To help Dana claim her victory, click here.

4. Annise Parker Democratic candidate for mayor of Houston -- Annise's flashy website boasts some technical wonders, but Annise's real credentials are in her resume. The out lesbian is the city's current Controller, and a former City Council member who has worked closely with the poor and whose record on fiscal responsibility should be the envy of every Ross Perot and Pat Buchannon out there! According to Annise's website, $5 pays for campaign materials, gifts for helpful volunteers, materials for debates--so imagine what your $10 will buy! Jeri Brooks from the Annise Parker communications team says if you send $10, you're helping procure "t-shirts for campaign volunteers, water for block walkers, more literature to share [Annise's] vision, or gas to a house party. $10 says you are invested in the future."

Tomorrow, you will learn about three more amazing campaigns that you can make a difference by supporting with a very small amount today. 3. WAFST APPROVE Washington Referendum 71; 2. One Kalamazoo Michigan campaign to protect City Non-Discrimination Ordinance; 1. Maine Freedom To Marry No on Question 1

Please consider giving to the three campaigns above today (and yesterday's three)--even if it's only $1. Then ask everyone you can to pitch in as well. Maybe you can be part of a REAL REVOLUTION!


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