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There's more to LGBT politics than what's happening in D.C. Though I do support the National Equality March, I disagree with some that D.C. is ALWAYS where its at. Our local LGBT campaigns are rocking HARD! This year's seen more local wins than ever before. Across the country, we're turning out local victories while the lobbyists in D.C. are still trying to schedule meetings. What will happen to momentum nationally if we start to win ALL of our local contests?

In order to win, we need to support. we can't support every single local campaign this Fall, but perhaps 10 to focus on for starters, and build from there. What would happen if 100 people gave just $10 to each of these 10 campaigns? What if those 100 people were 1000 people? Do you think you could convince just 10 people to give $100--$10 each--to these campaigns, and then in turn have them convince 10 more people to do the same?

Monday, I released my list of 10 campaigns. Tuesday, I gave you 10-7: 10. Wisconsin Domestic Partnership Benefits Supreme Court Challenge; 9. Anthony Woods U.S. House California 10th District; 8. Charles Pugh Detroit City Council, Michigan; 7. Adam Ebbin 49th District Virginia House of Delegates reelection. Wednesday I gave you my 6-4: 6. Illinois Civil Unions; 5. Dana Beyer 18th District Maryland House of Delegates; 4. Annise Parker Democratic candidate for mayor of Houston.

Today, I want you to learn about the last three awesome contests, and decide if you can support Victory. We're all strapped, but if you can spare $100 and get 10 more people to do so as well, we WILL continue our march to VICTORY!

WAFST APPROVE Washington Referendum 71 -- Washington Families Standing Together is fighting hard against the very shady, very slimy Protect Marriage Washington--headed by shady dealers Larry Stickney and out-of-state hater Gary Randall--to stop this Anti-Family Referendum from Amending the Constitution and repealing the Equal Protections that WASHINGTON citizens have enjoyed since Domestic Partnerships were signed into law in 2007. This is a CLEARLY homophobic bill that seeks to very clearly communicate hatred to the LGBT community.

The campaign is off to a great start, 40,000 people signed the internet-driven Decline to Sign Pledge, which certainly compete with the number of signatures that anti-family Protect Marriage Washington using shady practices will have been able to get. However, there is a LOT more work to do, and a huge campaign of this magnitude will require generous support.

On their donation page, WAFST suggests making a symbolic donation of $71 (as do I), but according to Thomas Pitchford, Finance Committee member and Equal Rights Washington Development Director, if you were to click the link and fill in the 'other' box for $10 your donation will buy them the ability to touch hearts and change minds. "[Once the campaign goes into full throtle], we need to get more aggressive in the media market"

The WAFST folks are going to be fighting a dangerous and well-funded anti-Equality rhetoric machine. According to Pitchford, WAFST will combat Gary and Larry by "put out big messages that people can grab onto to make them real and think about this as a friend or a neighbor." Your $10 will help put ads "on the radio, tv and in newspapers" to help educate Washington citizens about this tricky referendum.

Small donations have been at the heart of the campaign to safeguard Equality in Washington since the start. "[The campaign was built on] little amounts by people who want to give something... and are starting to participate for the first time."

According to Josh Friedes, WAFST Campaign Manager, "small contributions bundled together allow you to buy airtime on local television stations in more conservative parts of the state we need to educate every day Washington citizens that the Domestic Partnership law is important to families in the communities that they live"

Traditional campaign means mail, but it also means innovation--and new methods of reaching people through social networking sites are amazingly affordable.

"$10 will easily buy us a social network ad," allowing WAFST to target millions of people to support Equality. Be sure to give.

2. One Kalamazoo campaign to protect City Non-Discrimination Ordinance -- in May, the city of Kalamazoo, Michigan passed an inclusive Non-Discrimination Ordinance in housing, employment and accommodations, but the enemies of Equality are forcing a ballot measure to repeal the ordinance this fall. One Kalamazoo, led by former Stonewall Democrats head Jon Hoadley, has been formed to educate the people of Kalamazoo on this ballot question to assure that Equality is the rule in K-town. If you give just $10 to the One Kalamazoo, your donation will help the organization:
  • Mail 20 voters real information about the Kalamazoo Non-Discrimination Ordinance
  • Buy water for a night of canvassing
  • Pay for one of our local testimonial shoots
  • Pay for a month of online access fees
10 people giving $10 each means they can:
  • Pay for internet for the office for a month
  • Register 50 new voters on campus
  • Buy targeted online advertising for a week
  • Pay for a radio ad
"The work happening in Kalamazoo matters" says Jon Hoadley, Director of One Kalamazoo, "We're at an important time in the work for full equality, and supporting local progress is part of that work. We should support the efforts of the people of Kalamazoo so we can encourage other people to embark on similar work across the country."

"Winning in Kalamazoo sets the tone for the national debate. Every time a local non-discrimination ordinance passes it moves us closer to passing important pieces of federal legislation like the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. And inversely, if we lose the fight, it could slow down progress federally, let alone have a devastating affect on everyone who lives and works in Kalamazoo."

The haters have been turning up the heat lately by attacking the gender identity protections in the ordinance, something that One Kalamazoo is attacking head-on.

"Finally, we must stop the attacks on transgender people. If it appears that attacking transgender people can score cheap political wins, then we'll be faced with a wave of these fights across the country. We need to show that equality means equality, fairness means fairness. Winning in Kalamazoo takes the wind out of the sails for these anti-transgender attacks."

Please Support One Kalamazoo in their effort to protect the Kalamazoo ordinance with a donation of at least $10.

1. Maine Freedom To Marry No on Question 1 -- Maine Freedom to Marry was featured two months ago on Ameriqueer in a blog entitled: MAINE BIGOTS MAKE IT OFFICIAL--THE TIME TO START FIGHTING IS NOW! In an effort to try to convince people to support these incredibly important efforts first before they pay their flight tickets to DC for the National Equality March, I also republished the post on Bilerico (check out some great comments from native Maine residents).

Now Question 1 is written and on the ballot--and enemies of Equality are going to try to push us back into the closet in this crucial New England state. Maine is going to be the bellwether of Marriage Equality now that California's Proposition 8 has thrown a wrench into our progress. A defeat in Maine could mean a reduction in momentum for our movement as well as encouragement for the enemies of Equality. Veteran political strategist Steve Hildebrand considers Maine our most crucial battle this fall, and we can't ignore him.

Evan Moody broke down what campaign contributions will do in Maine in my previous post:
  • $33 buys a tank of gas for an organizer
  • $62 buys 100 pieces of direct mail
  • $328 buys office space to open a new field office (of which there are only four)
  • $800 buys one weeks pay for two field organizers
  • $1,078 buys one 30 second television spot

Your dollars are greatly needed. If you were to give $10 to Maine this month, you could help pay for pamphlets, office supplies, or just help them out with their office utility bills to help the operation continue to run smoothly. If you're going to give to one campaign this fall, it needs to be this one.

Please consider giving to the three campaigns above today (and the other 7)--even if it's only $1. Then ask everyone you can to pitch in as well. Maybe you can be part of a REAL REVOLUTION!


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