Wednesday, May 12, 2010

You can help end #DADT with a phone call

My latest at Feast of Fun tells you how YOU can help end Don't Ask Don't Tell with just a simple phone call.

Veteran’s lobbying Congress today in DC, sleep-in canceled:
"I bet you thought I was going to blog about the President selecting totally straight woman Elena Kagan for Supreme Court, didn’t you!

Well, I will Thursday, but today, I’m in Washington DC to lend a hand to the Veteran’s Lobby Day on Congress being put on by Servicemembers United, Severicemembers Legal Defense Network and the Human Rights Campaign, so I wanted to bring you in on that.

Guess what?

You can help!

Before 4pm Central/5 Eastern, call the Congressional switchboard at 202.224.3121 and tell them where you live to have them connect you to your Senators’ office.

Then, HRC suggests..."
Find out how you can help end Don't Ask Don't Tell by going to my post and reading where we're at. We only need to turn ONE more NO vote into a YES vote! Senator Nelson from Florida yesterday SWITCHED TO YES when the Veterans payed him a visit. Go to my Feast of Fun post to see who to call NOW!

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