Sunday, May 2, 2010


Netroots Nation (formerly the Yearly Kos) is a national online organizer conference put on by Democracy for America. Democracy for America was born out of the ashes of Dean for America--as in Howard Dean. Every year they have the most incredible keynote speakers (last year, former President Bill Clinton) and the workshops on online organizing promise to turn me into the most effective, and potent LGBT leader I can be--if I get to go. Please help me out here. I need you to click the link below and vote for me. Once you've voted, please share this on all of your social networks and get 10 friends to vote for me. » Netroots Nation Scholarships » Phil Reese:
"Name: Phil Reese
Location: Champaign, IL

I am a...


You can usually find me at...

A little about me

I am an educator, blogger, organizer, activist, news-junky, library and information science student and leader. As a queer man, I see no reason why I shouldn't fight for my rights from sun-up to sun-down.

Why I deserve a Netroots Nation Scholarship

I want to go to Netroots Nation to hone my skills as an online organizer for the LGBT equality movement. My life's goal is to create change and to see the American dream grow to include more Americans. The skills I will pick up at Netroots Nation will help make me the leader I need to be to make that a reality.

Why I got involved

I have been politically aware and active, but I became an LGBT rights activist in the early Bush years as a college student. I now immerse myself in LGBT news, politics and strategy every day, and blog to try to inspire others to ge involved and take action."

Please click the link above, vote for me and share share share with EVERYONE you know! If I can get over 600, I will likely make the top 3. The top 3 of every round automatically wins the scholarship. Please help me get into the top 3 and become a better leader and organizer.

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