Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My latest @FeastOfFun is about Sunday's DADT Protests!

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Alan Bounville and other activists get arrested at White House again:
"QueerRising founder Alan Bounville (who I last week mistakenly identified during the last incident as getting arrested at McCain’s office) and other activists forced the Park Service to call the Paddy Wagon out to the White House once again on Sunday. During an anti-Dont’-Ask-Don’t-Tell rally at the White House attended by, among others, former arrestee Dan Choi, former Democratic Presidential candidate Howard Dean, and Servicemembers Legal Defense Network President Aubrey Sarvis; Bounville and six other activists joined the pantheon of protesters who have chained themselves to White House in recent weeks over the law.

This came just days after Secretary of Defense Robert Gates asked Congress to delay repealing the military’s homophobic hiring practice while the Pentagon “studies” the 17 year old law.

Upon his release, Bounville, pictured top from a previous PWG (Protesting While Gay) arrest from this winter, said the following in a video posted exclusively up at Pam’s House Blend..."

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