Friday, August 13, 2010

GLN release: PROTEST Target!

Here's something to do to make a difference if you're in Chicago Saturday!

PROTEST Target! 11 AM Tomorrow (Saturday) 4466 N. Broadway, Chicago GLN

After his widely publicized $150K gift to an anti-gay Minnesota gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer, Target Corp. CEO Gregg Steinhafel came under such fire from the LGBT community and our allies that he emailed an apology to all Target employees. We say, not good enough. For all Steinhafel's words, he offered no actions to make amends for the anti-gay gift, aside from a general promise to do better in the future. Moreover, he did nothing to directly address the nasty social agenda of Target's favorite candidate, Tom Emmer. In addition to targeting LGBTs for discrimination, Emmer supports a toxic social agenda that targets immigrants, and low-income workers for discrimination and marginalization. Steinhafel's "apology" to his gay employees is far from what's required to repair the damage to Target as a supposedly "gay friendly" corporation. Here is what we demand:

1. That Target CEO Gregg Steinhafel demand the immediate return of the $100K in cash and $50K of "in kind" contributions made to Emmer. Every penny, each and every item needs to be returned.

2. That Gregg Steinhafel contribute the $150K to pro-LGBT organizations like OutFront Minnesota.

3. That Gregg Steinhafel issue an apology to the entire LGBT community, along with providing continued corporate benefits to LGBT employees.

Please join the protest at 11 AM, this Saturday in front of the new Uptown Target, 4466 N. Broadway Avenue.
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